About The Care-Token

Care- token is a decentralized deflationary token its aim to provide financially freedom to its holder and help to needed poor persons by charity.

Best unique feature of care token is that price of care token will goes up by use in pair of other currencies which are mentioned in its roadmap and it will be taken less time to reach price in dollars in few days by day to day daily burning reduce its supply due to 10% of every transaction will automatically burn by which will also help to increase price of care token, So buy care token to convert your dreams in into reality in short time.

Why Choose Us?

First Meme Token going to make History by Develop own Blockchain.

Our vision to help poor people by fundraising through our CARE-TOKEN.
So,we will achieve our Goal By six ways.
1. We will bring our own centralized exchange in which care-token use as a pair.
2. We will reach price upto $0.14 continuously.
3. 10% of every transaction will automatically Burn toward the dead wallet.
4. By Building big Community of Holders.
5. By Organizing many Events Time to Time.
6. (First Time In World) According to IST 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM Direct Contact with Developer only one Hour. Contact Us : +91 9053399247 / +91 7419053399
7. We will develop own Blockchain from February 2022 to December 2022.

Token Structure

End Date
Sale Raised Total
Buy Crowd Sale
Total Token Sale
Acceptable Currency
BNB , Smart Chain

Token Sale Proceeds



Use Case

Use Case We will launch our Prince centralized exchange within which our tokens will be used in pairs so that the price of our tokens will increase and our holders will get profit. We launch this centralized exchange on 1st February 2022, in which our token will be used in pairs with many tokens and currency, lowest fees will be charged on our Prince Centralize Exchange and 24 X 7 telephonically customer support facility will be given to our holders. Prince Centralize Exchange will provide state-of-the-art facilities to its clients like auto trading etc. Prince Exchange will provide all the necessary facilities to its customers at one place which is the hallmark of a good exchange.
Token use in Pair to Currency:
● Tron
● Matic
● Inch
● Ripple

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